CuraCore Integrative Medicine & Education Centers

Scientific Integrative Medicine:

More Options, Safer Approaches

Narda G. Robinson, DO, DVM, MS, FAAMA founded the CuraCore Integrative Medicine & Education Centers to meet the ever-growing need for high-quality, scientific, and evidence-informed instruction for a wide range of providers across the human-veterinary healthcare spectrum.

We design our programs to encourage critical thinking, promote non-invasive methodologies, and move scientific integrative medicine to the forefront of care. Our rigorous and uncompromising curriculum makes learning active, engaging, and inspiring, with both online and onsite options.

Our Core Principles:

Develop a Strong Foundation, Empower Independent Thinking and Critical Analysis, and Foster Sustainability

We at CuraCore build leadership by holding firm to three core principles.

First, we establish a strong foundation developed through a focus on solid and rational, fact-based knowledge.

We then empower those we teach with the ability to think independently, to embrace critical analysis and skeptical inquiry, and to remain intellectually curious and up-to-date on the mounting evidence that substantiates and validates their scientific integrative medical practice.

In so doing, members of our ever-expanding CuraCore community are thereby better positioned to advocate for the consideration of scientific integrative medical approaches as first-line treatments that will upgrade the standard of care. After all, don’t we all seek less invasive, more effective, and higher quality healthcare?

Finally, we recognize that this innovative and humanized approach to healthcare must be sustainable.  Career sustainability comes from loving what you do and who you are.  Healthy doctors and other caregivers make better choices, live happier lives, and deliver better care.  Embarking on a journey that includes scientific integrative medicine often opens the door to a healthier way of life for both practitioners and patients.

At CuraCore, we build leaders, not followers.

Our Mission

To humanize medicine in order to improve patient outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and restore joy to the profession of caring for others.

To teach healthcare providers how, when, and why to include integrative medical options as first-line approaches alongside or instead of medications and surgery.

To encourage critical thinking, a scientific rationale, and a basis of evidence across the conventional - integrative healthcare continuum.

Why Choose CuraCore?

  • Scientific, evidence-based instruction
  • Recognized, world-class faculty
  • High-quality course production
  • Broadened scope designed to upgrade both human and veterinary integrative medicine
  • Instruction that fosters critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and the skillful delivery of integrative assessment and treatment strategies

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If you’re frustrated with “in-the-box” solutions and you’re ready to enhance your skillset as a medical professional or veterinarian, we welcome you to join us.

Together, we can change medicine.