Botanicals_cover 2016Dr. Narda Robinson is pleased to offer this continuing education course in botanical medicine that was inspired by the enthusiastic acceptance of her course at Colorado State University called “Evidence-Based Medical Herbology”.

Dr. Robinson firmly believes that every healthcare provider should recognize the impact that botanical medicine agents can have on patients. She also contends that medical professionals should approach botanical medicine from a critical, scientific, and evidence-informed perspective in order to provide the highest quality healthcare.

Dr. Robinson began researching the effects of natural products on learning and memory while an undergraduate at Harvard/Radcliffe, working on a project in the Laboratory of Neuroendocrine Regulation at MIT. Later, during medical school, she spent several months on rotations working with physicians who included herbal medicine in their practice. Following her completion of the UCLA Medical Acupuncture for Physicians course in 1989, Dr. Robinson enrolled in Chinese herbal medicine courses taught by world-renowned instructors. It was at this point that she began to question how much was actually known about the products they recommended and prescribed. After earning her DVM, Dr. Robinson attended various veterinary herbal courses and saw that the situation was similar to human herbal medicine – many belief systems but too little science.

Consequently, in 2001, Dr. Robinson decided to develop a scientific approach to herbs. Since then, she has researched, written about, and recommended botanical products from this perspective. She has taught students, residents, and practicing clinicians about herbal medicine in conferences across the country. She regularly provides feedback for her clients, patients, and colleagues on herbs and supplements.

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