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Join the growing list of other concerned physicians
who pledge to change medicine for good.


Challenging the Truth

It’s time to challenge the health care status quo. This is obvious. Burned out doctors, prescribing patients addictive opioids, produced by Big Pharma coddled by Congress is a recipe for the disaster of today.

What will it take to change?

  1. Discarding the patriarchal healthcare model with the “Father” / “Doctor” Knows Best mindset. Millennials are doing this by challenging doctor recommendations, asking about lower cost options, and seeking healthcare elsewhere, if desired, when and where they choose.
  2. Recognize the failure of the dominant drugs-and-surgery as standard of care mantra. Flip this model on its head and resort to drugs and surgery only when and if they are needed. Restore the significance and requirement for a hands-on physical examination to determine, as accurately and completely as possible, a patient’s problems and their causes. Seek the sources of mental and physical stress and find a non-pharmacologic treatment first for pain in the body and mind.
  3. Fully disclose the risks and benefits of each treatment proposed. Give patients options and hire sufficient numbers of science-based integrative medical care providers to meet the needs of patients needing treatments in hospitals, community clinics, and group homes.
  4. Change the culture of medicine from one of disease to one of health. Improve the well being of healthcare employees through lifestyle classes and workplace opportunities to live and thrive in a supportive setting designed to optimize wellness instead of treating disease.



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