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Nancy has a lifelong love of animals and nature which began on her grandmother’s dairy farm in the Catskill Region of New York State.  Her parents were both high school teachers, and her dad was a professional photographer.  Being raised on “school schedule” meant that summers were always the time to camp and explore National Parks at a leisurely pace.  These early passions led her to a career in natural resource management, and she worked the past twenty years as a wildlife manager for Colorado Parks and Wildlife.  Seeking to expand her creative endeavors and mix things up a little bit, she began learning video production eight years ago, and thoroughly enjoys the technical challenges, the perpetual quest to keep everything organized, as well as producing a polished product.  Nancy runs a sophisticated media studio and creates high quality educational content for CuraCore.  In her free time, Nancy enjoys backpacking, fly fishing, reading natural history, and most importantly, spending time at home with her two kitties, Kita and Biscuit.