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10 Steps to Better Care for Spinal Cord Injury Patients

Need to justify your integrative medical interventions to a boss or skeptical colleague?

Looking for ways to optimize clinical outcomes for your patients with spinal cord injury (SCI) and back pain?

Developed and administered by Narda G. Robinson, DO, DVM, MS, FAAMA, this three hour mini-course in the integrative medical approach to SCI has been designed to be engaging and interactive. It prompts you to read, critique, and cultivate your own evidence-informed views on the topic of SCI.

The course includes animations, reading, indirect role plays, and clinical vignettes.  By taking an active role in your education, you will finish the program better prepared to serve as an advocate for a higher standard of care — one that offers patients more than merely drugs and/or surgery.

This course differs from the webinar on the Physiology of Spinal Cord Injury by focusing on clinical scenarios and exercises that will bolster your ability to design treatments and defend your rationales.  

Course registrants gain access to the online program for four weeks upon enrollment.

Appropriate for veterinary and human healthcare professionals with a strong scientific background.

Cost:  $95

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If you’re frustrated with “in-the-box” solutions and you’re ready to enhance your skillset as a medical professional or veterinarian, we welcome you to join us.

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