Neuroanatomic Osteopathic Acupuncture
Human (NOAH) presents:

Focus on the Fascia

Focus on the Fascia brings a basic science building block to continuing education in acupuncture that is often overlooked in standard acupuncture coursework.  

Comprehensive, long-lasting acupuncture care depends heavily on practitioners’ ability to find and address structural impediments to the restoration of movement and homeostasis.  Blockages and restrictions along acupuncture channels impair and distort movement, circulation, and neurologic communication in local, regional, and systemic dimensions. Acupuncture needling and the related techniques of myofascial release and photomedicine (laser acupuncture) work together in unique as well as complementary ways to free the fascia and thereby improve tissue health.

The clinical modules in the full NOAH program incorporate foundational principles from the basic science portion, as students learn how to treat patients in accordance with the Medical Acupuncture and Integrative Neuromodulation(r) system of science-based acupuncture.  The MAIN(r) approach offers a solid platform on which to base interventions that work to restore balance to the central, peripheral, and autonomic nervous systems as well as within the fascia. Its applicability to the full spectrum of clinical conditions, ranging from orthopedic to neurologic, internal medical, and more, speaks to its versatility and sound methodology.

Neuroanatomic Osteopathic Acupuncture – Human (NOAH)
Focus on the Fascia

Course Structure: All modules in the NOAH program involve multimedia activities involving videos, journal articles, and online assessments.   In addition to Dr. Robinson’s own videos and articles, NOAH draws from the rich and diverse teaching materials found online to build a vibrant and broad-based curriculum.  Many of the assessments encourage active engagement and thoughtful reflection, moving away from the simple recall nature of multiple choice tests to measures that call for a deeper understanding.

Prerequisite: Participants in the NOAH program are expected to have foundational knowledge in acupuncture, anatomy, physiology, and medicine. A minimum of 120 hours formal training in acupuncture required. Certificate or diploma to be submitted with registration.

For further reading, recommended text: Robinson NG.  Interactive Medical Acupuncture Anatomy.  Teton NewMedia.  2016. 1215 pp.1051 Color & 1 B/W Illustrations   ISBN 9781591610205. Available at Amazon, CRC Press, etc.

Registration: Open and ongoing
Registration fee:  $195 USD
Content delivery:  Online


Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians April 2019 @ The Fort Collins Hilton
Apr 22 – Apr 27 all-day

Join us for our critically acclaimed Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians program!  Please see our webpage for all of the details on our program and upcoming Clinical Intensive dates.

Botanical Day 2019: June 7 – Cannabis in Veterinary Medicine @ The Fort Collins Hilton
Jun 7 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Botanical Day 2019 is June 7th and because of the ever changing landscape of the subject, the focus will be on Cannabis in Veterinary Medicine.  This program is held in conjunction with our Myofascial Palpation & Medical Massage program held June 9-10, 2019.  Join us for both!

Myofascial Palpation & Medical Massage @ The Fort Collins Hilton
Jun 8 – Jun 9 all-day

This program has become very popular!  We limit enrollment to a small group for a great educational experience.  This program is held in conjunction with our Botanical Day – June 7, 2019.  Cannabis in Veterinary Medicine.

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WHO CAN ATTEND:  Licensed or registered human acupuncture practitioners (DO, MD, PT, L Ac, PA, RN, etc.)

Registration is open through July 14, 2018.  Take advantage of early bird price through May 15, 2018 and save 10% off the 2-day workshop.


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