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Learn from leaders and poineers in medical acupuncture from a strictly science-based perspective.



Learn from the leaders in the field.



Herbal pharmacology (including cannabis) as well as practice considerations based on science and evidence.



Veterinary care involving laser therapy and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) from a critical and non-commercial perspective.



Integrative rehabilitation that advocates for nonsurgical methods as first-line approaches.



At CuraCore, we have a passion to teach veterinary healthcare practitioners how they can use integrative medicine effectively to give animals in their care optimal solutions for pain as well as other ailments. Obviously, medical treatments such as medication and surgery have a necessary place in veterinary care today. And yet, vets are becoming bored and want to offer more options than just drugs and surgery. They’re realizing that in many cases when those common solutions have been exhausted, euthanasia is often viewed as the only other option. That’s why more and more veterinary medical providers are seeking out information on integrative medicine to be used in their practices.

We’re convinced that science-based integrative treatments should become a primary option rather than serving only as a last resort when modern treatments have failed. CuraCore’s method of veterinary medical education is completely science-based. Our courses explore the depths of why, how, and when veterinary practitioners should employ integrative medicine. Each treatment we’ve included in our courses has been thoroughly and critically examined. Our passion is to provide animals with medical treatments that are not only effective, but are also safe. If you’re on the same page, our educational course options might be just what you need to become a better veterinary practitioner.
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Wish you could add botanical medicine, manual therapy, or acupuncture to your veterinary practice treatment options while avoiding practices based on Eastern mysticism? CuraCore provides science-based education courses.

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CuraCore’s curriculum is evidence-based and gives you a deeper look into the reasons why we believe integrative medicine should be viewed and employed as an applicable solution that can be used alongside conventional veterinary medicine.

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The growing community of integrative veterinary medical practitioners is committed to providing effective treatment options outside of just surgery and medication. Let’s work to change the standards of veterinary medicine together.

Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques for Anhidrosis in the Horse

Anhidrosis, the inability to sweat, happens in humans and horses as a result of heat-related illnesses.  It typically involves dysfunction of the nervous system or sweat (eccrine) glands, whether due to medications, various autonomic nervous system disease, or other...

Improve the 2022 AAHA Pain Management Guidelines to Reflect the Facts about Acupuncture’s Benefits

Download the PDF   In 2015, the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) published pain management guidelines stating, “Acupuncture offers a compelling and safe method for pain management in veterinary patients and should be strongly considered as a part of...

The DeClaw

The Declaw: A Conversation with Dr. Mike Petty and Dr. Narda Robinson March 2022 Dr. Narda Robinson (NR): Hi Mike. It's so good to have you here because we're going to be talking about declawing cats, and I like speaking to you. You have a lot of experience in this...

C.A.T. Episode 12. IRPM v TPLO CHART

CuraCore Academy Talks IRPM v TPLO CHART March 2022 Hi MOVE students, this is Narda Robinson, one of your instructors. I am going to describe in a brief video how best to use the chart that you have here that compares integrative modalities, integrative rehabilitation...

C.A.T. Episode 10. | Birds are Not Small Cats

Thank you to our strategic partner:         CuraCore Academy Talks January 2022 Flooring with Dr. Hannah Capon Narda Robinson: Hi, everybody. Welcome back to our CuraCore Academy Talks, and it's my pleasure again, to introduce you to Hannah Capon....

C.A.T. Episode 10. Birds are Not Small Cats

CuraCore Academy Talks Birds are Not Small Cats (Dr. Narda Robinson) December 2021 Hi, I'm Dr. Narda Robinson, and for this brief CuraCore Academy Talk, we're going to discuss some ways in which birds are not small cats, and specifically, we're going to cover the...

C.A.T. Episode 9. Save the Stifle

CuraCore Academy Talks Save the Stifle Dr. Narda G. Robinson Hi I'm Dr. Narda Robinson, president and CEO of CuraCore MED and CuraCore VET. Today's CuraCore Academy Talks will focus on Save the Stifle. We're going to look at myofascial pain syndromes, referred pain...
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