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chronic ankle painYou Asked:  Can I study Tai Ji if I have an ankle weakened from a break that happened years ago? I can’t put 100% weight on it.  Thank you!   Signed ~ Hopeful but Cautious

Dear Hopeful but Cautious:

While Tai Chi is a form of exercise that some doctors will actually prescribe to improve mobility and balance, it would be best to discuss the best options for your specific issue with your physician to make sure that s/he thinks that this, or any exercise, is appropriate for you. For any chronic ailment that continues to give you pain and discomfort years later, there could be a multitude of solutions that will improve your function and ability to bear weight. I highly recommend getting an evaluation to see, as I indicated above, what makes the most sense for you. This would include a history and physical examination to determine why you are having problems and what your options are.  Read more here, from Harvard Health, about Tai Chi and chronic pain. Thank you for writing in!
~Dr. Narda Robinson