Dear Dr. Narda, I am interested in the botanical medicine course that you offer. Can you please tell me what the difference is between the CuraCore course and other herbal programs? I am interested in the science-based approach and have little interest in mystical methods of both prescribing and describing the ways that herbs work. Signed, a Scientific Practitioner

Dear Scientific Practitioner ~ Thank you for contacting us.  Our program teaches botanical medicine from a strictly scientific approach that encourages critical thinking. I do not support promoting metaphorical medicine, e.g., Traditional Chinese Medicine, or belief based approaches now that we can, after centuries of critical inquiry, describe how herbs work through scientific means.  My goal is not to convince you of anything or sell you products for resale, but to cultivate the ability to pursue independent analysis of the products and practices commonly encountered in this field.  The CuraCore program has been designed to teach clinicians what they should have learned in professional school (but didn’t) about plant-based medicines, i.e., how they work pharmacologically, benefits and risks, herb-drug interactions, and quality control parameters.  Learn more about the program here.

~Dr. Narda Robinson