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Written by a Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians course graduate.  Author’s name available upon request. Signed release obtained from client/author/4395

Abstract: Acupuncture treatment for left pelvic limb, support limb pain following TTA surgery on right pelvic limb. Treatment continuing.

History Presentation: Jeego, 5 year old spayed female mixed breed canine. Adopted from Senegal in 2012. History of ruptured right cranial cruciate ligament, September 2015. Surgical repair performed October 2015. Since her surgery Jeego has done relatively well however she has intermittent lameness on her left hind leg and continues to walk with a shortened stride bilaterally in her pelvic limb. Her owner is worried about potential rupture of the contralateral cruciate and/or development of osteoarthritis as a sequel to her previously ruptured ligament.

Physical Examination and Clinical Assessments: On physical presentation Jeego was quite and alert. She had normal mentation. She walked with a slightly shortened stride bilaterally in her pelvic limbs. Neither side appeared to be worse than the other. On palpation a trigger point was palpated on er left triceps insertion point. her sacral region had some tenderness to palpation. Bilateral tightness was noted along her semimebrinousus and tendinous muscles bilaterally. She was resistant to flexion of her stifle on her right pelvic limb but not on her left. Extension was reduced on her left hip.

Tail flexed and extended within normal limits.

Medical Decision Making: Jeego has poor confirmation of her pelvic limbs and a carpus values that may contribute to development of knee pain and osteoarthritis as she ages. She may also be predisposed to some chronic soreness from this confirmation.  Acupuncture could benefit not only her current contralateral limb soreness but will also help her right pelvic limb continue to heal and may offset the sequel of arthritis in her other joints.

First session was limited to 20 minutes focusing on the hip triad on both sides and on her right knee. Following session will be similar but modified for additional trigger points.

Massage therapy is recommended and may be done by the owner several times a week.

Additionally a joint supplement will be suggested: Elk velvet antler 560mg, PO SID until recheck appointment and Cosequin DS PO, 2 capsules, BID, until next appointment.

Acupuncture Treatment: Treatment protocol 6/1/16

  1. BaiHui (permission and pelvic limb nerves)
  2. GB 29, 30 , 31 – bilaterally (hip triad)
  3. TH 10 left side ( triceps trigger point)
  4. ST 34, 35 right side

Outcomes, Discussions: Jeego tolerated her first session well. The first protocol will be repeated at the beginning of august as her owners will be leaving for an extended vacation over July. If Jeego tolerates the needles well electro-stimulation will be added to the protocol.

Massage three times a week to the epaxial muscles and Jeego’s triceps is recommended. Additionally the joint supplement will be ordered and started. Also diet recommendations were made to keep Jeego at an optimum weight as obesity can have potential deleterious effects on the joints. ( companion/our-services/nutrition-support-service/basic-calorie-calculator)

RER: 800 calories/day

Lesson: Some therapy may be life long. Working with clients to get patients in especially during summer months may be difficult with vacation schedules, family, etc. Work with clients to offer other solutions that twill help in the meantime such as massage at home, supplements and diet.

Kathryn Schlaich, DVM