Question:  I want to learn more.  I’m tired of general practice. But I don’t know where to start.  Should I learn veterinary massage, acupuncture, or laser therapy?  Or, maybe herbs? Is there a course that I can take where I can sample different approaches?

Dear Motivated to Learn More:

How exciting!  I’m glad to hear the you are looking to learn more, and to expand your horizons in veterinary medicine.  And, I’m happy to let you know that we now offer a weekend workshop in which you can gain hands-on exposure to quick and easy techniques in myofascial palpation, soft tissue manual therapy, laser therapy, and dry needling.  We’ll also show you how to scrutinize herbal remedy labels and think critically about cannabis and botanical medicine in general.  Visit this link for more information about our Scientific Integrative Medicine for Veterinarians Weekend Workshop.  And, if you have any questions, please email us at . Thanks for writing!  ~ Dr. Narda Robinson