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Career paths no one told you about!

First the obvious – a traditional brick and mortar that you either own or are an employee of.  Clinics/hospitals like these can have few or numerous veterinarians, and a wide range of staff. They also have a great deal of diagnostic equipment, x-ray machine, ultrasound, a variety of analyzers are just the beginning. Clients make appointments and come to you.  The downside is the overhead if you are an owner or shareholder. Building costs and operating expenses, cost of employee wages, and often overlooked, demand from clients on hours of availability.  Most brick and mortar clinics run a 6-day work week, but becoming more and more prevalent, are often Sunday hours as well to accommodate boarders and sales of food and supplies.

Mobile practices for large animals has been around forever, but are becoming more common in the companion animal community, and offer veterinarians, especially those trained in integrative modalities, a great deal of perks.  First, you eliminate the traditional overhead.  No building, no expensive equipment, substitute a reliable vehicle and your essentials.  Many animals, especially cats and exotics are much more comfortable in their own home. Too, animals that have lost their mobility for a variety of reasons, benefit greatly from a veterinarian who visits THEM rather than vice-versa.  But what to do about needed testing? Mobile veterinarians often have great relationships with other area veterinarians that have a traditional brick and mortar.  The referral process works best when it works both ways.  When you have a client that needs x-rays or tests ran, you can call and set up the appointment and the clinic can send you the results.  In turn, when they are in need of someone to check up on an animal that just cannot make it in, or they are a good candidate for acupuncture, laser, massage and integrative rehabilitation, they can refer clients to you.  We have a many graduates of our Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians program that are completely mobile – it’s not only viable, it can be a very lucrative option!

Brick and mortar mobile. What’s that? You work with area brick and mortar clinics that do not have a veterinarian on staff that’s been trained in science-based integrative medicine.  You are essentially seeing just their patients.  On Monday and Tuesday, you may work 8am-5pm at Country Clinic. On Wednesday and Thursday, you work 8am-5pm at Hectic Hospital. You use one of their exam rooms, they do all the testing required and needed, the animals get the skilled services you can provide and everyone is happy! And LOOK – that leaves you a 3-day weekend to call your own – quite a concept! In all honesty, this is not too different from relief veterinary work, except it’s steady, with a group of area clinics/hospitals that need your services.

Hospice and end of life mobile.  For some, there’s no more gratification than helping animals as they near their time left on this earth.  Making them as comfortable as can be, extending quality time with a companion is compassion at its best. When it’s time? To euthanize in the arms of loved ones, in a place they are not scared or feeling lost – hard discussion for all of us, but for some, this business model works incredibly well.  You are providing specialized services – and the bond that often comes with the owners lasts a lifetime.

Hopefully this gives you a bit of “food for thought,” and if nothing else, lets you know that you are only limited by your personal choices.  Here at CuraCore® VET, we’re all about expanding all of your options.