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What’s Changing and Why

Beginning June 2023, the in-person Clinical Intensive is moving to a two-day format instead of the current three-day requirement.  We are happy to announce that after two years of teaching a home-learning version of MAV, the advances we’ve seen in this cohort of students have been remarkable.  These include better point location knowledge, a richer understanding of advanced treatment techniques, and a more rapid implementation of electroacupuncture in their clinical practice.  Individualized instruction and guidance inspire greater confidence and a higher degree of expertise.  With this evolution, you will learn and demonstrate basic practices from home or from your clinic with animals you already know and at your own pace.

As an added bonus, we encourage you to institute point-finding, myofascial palpation, movement observations, and dry needling as you move through the online program and demonstrate your skills to an instructor, rather than waiting to complete an in-person Clinical Intensive, (unless you opt for the entirely learn-from-home version of MAV).  Your two days with us at CuraCore Academy then focus on technical skills refinement in place of acquisition.  Gone is the anxiety of facing a point-finding test on Day 1.  Gone are extra expenses of travel, lodging, and time away from home.  In total, you’ll have more hours dedicated to hands-on learning with individualized attention, in a program that continues to lead the way and pioneer best practices in medical acupuncture education.

Clinical Competency Details for the Home-Practice Portion, Beginning June 2023 for All MAV Participants
  1. Point-Finding with an Animal Model.  With the animal model (dog or horse) and a full set of colored pushpins, you find the locations of acupuncture points in a linear and regional format.  Depending on your preference, you can participate in a live online session with an instructor or record and upload videos for review.  
  2. Point-Finding with a Live Animal.  In this section, you find what we call the “Big Points”, i.e., the most commonly employed points in clinical practice, on a live animal.  Choose between live online sessions with an instructor or recorded videos that you upload for personalized feedback asynchronously.
  3. Myofascial Palpation with Live Animal.  Acquire skill and expertise from home with an animal of your own or a patient, live or recorded.  You choose!
  4. Electroacupuncture Set-Up.  Using an Ito ES-130 (available for purchase from CuraCore Vet or Lhasa OMS) or another electroacupuncture unit, upload a video showing how you insert electroacupuncture leads into the unit and set frequencies.   
  5. Observation of Movement.  Assess movement in a live animal, implementing the “How to See a Dog/Horse/Cat” approach developed through CuraCore.

Please note, you will be required to complete all of the online coursework, technical skills assessments, as well as point finding testing, prior to attending your Clinical Intensive.  We provide suggested time courses and accomplishment benchmarks for your learning journey.  If you require an extension, course deferment fees apply.  See course information page for more information.

Examples of Student-Recorded Videos