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Learn from leaders and poineers in medical acupuncture from a strictly science-based perspective.



Learn from the leaders in the field.



Herbal pharmacology (including cannabis) as well as practice considerations based on science and evidence.



Veterinary care involving laser therapy and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) from a critical and non-commercial perspective.



Integrative rehabilitation that advocates for nonsurgical methods as first-line approaches.



Medical Acupuncture and Integrative Rehabilitation Veterinary Courses

At CuraCore VET, we teach veterinarians and veterinary students how to provide scientifically based techniques such as medical acupuncture, medical massage, photomedicine, and integrative rehabilitation. While medications and surgery have their place, integrative medical options should also be considered in animals’ treatment care plans. Decades of research have shown how these methods help animals heal and restore quality of life. Our top-notch educational offerings in integrative medicine and rehabilitation help practitioners stay in the profession longer by giving them the knowledge to work with animals in ways that align with their ethics and values.

The CuraCore VET curriculum is based on rational mechanisms of action and evidence backed by research. Our faculty draw from years of experience in both academia and private practice to share insights, wisdom, and enthusiasm. Courses include online and onsite options; they range from certification programs to advanced instruction. We also have educational opportunities for veterinary technicians and other healthcare professionals.  About our curriculum, we say, “No woo woo, just science.”  About our vision for safer and gentler health care, it’s “Together, we can change medicine. For good.”

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Wish you could add botanical medicine, manual therapy, or acupuncture to your veterinary practice treatment options while avoiding practices based on Eastern mysticism? CuraCore provides science-based education courses.

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CuraCore’s curriculum is evidence-based and gives you a deeper look into the reasons why we believe integrative rehabilitation should be viewed and employed as an applicable solution that can be used alongside conventional veterinary medicine to lead to optimal health for the animal.

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The growing community of integrative veterinary medical practitioners is committed to providing effective treatment options outside of just surgery and medication. Let’s work to change the standards of veterinary medicine together.

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