At CuraCore, we are committed to providing education for veterinary healthcare practitioners in scientific integrative medicine to improve patient quality of life as well as to raise the bar for standards of veterinary medical care. The way we approach integrative medicine provides vets and their patients with safe, effective treatments that are established on research-based evidence and a scientific foundation. We believe that integrative medicine upheld by science is a solution veterinarians can rely on rather than assuming that pharmacological treatments and surgery are the only options. Integrative medicine can work in place of or lesson the need for medical drugs and even surgery.

Did you know that treatment options beyond drugs and surgery actually lower veterinary medical costs and enhance the patient’s overall well-being and satisfaction with the treatment? We’re in full support of overthrowing the former model of drugs and surgery being the first treatment option for issues like functional disorders and pain in animals. Increasing your patient’s bodily ability to gently and naturally heal without all kinds of additional side-effects that result from prescription drugs should be the top priority for each animal doctor’s medical learning. To bring healing to the patients in their care, we must “heal” the way our veterinary medical doctors practice.



Our Mission

To humanize medicine in order to improve patient outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and restore joy to the profession of caring for others.

To teach healthcare providers how, when, and why to include integrative medical options as first-line approaches alongside or instead of medications and surgery.

To encourage critical thinking, a scientific rationale, and a basis of evidence across the conventional - integrative healthcare continuum.

CuraCore’s History

The president and CEO of CuraCore VET, Dr. Narda Robinson, first started her practice with osteopathic medicine. She then grew her career, adding veterinary medicine. Over the span of the next 20 years, Dr. Robinson employed integrative medicine to treat both veterinary and human patients. At the same time, she taught and researched integrative medicine practices and principles at Colorado State University in Fort Collins. This enabled Dr. Robinson to develop a state-of-the-art method of practicing and teaching integrative medical treatments based on sound, scientific foundations, based on research. 


Our medical massage workshops teach you to boost the self-healing capacity of your patients by performing informed palpations that bring about effective results.



Veterinary botanical medicine provides numerous benefits. Our course teaches you how veterinary practitioners can use these botanical therapies in modern medicine.


You will learn about photomedicine’s medical benefits that can lesson healing time for your patients. Our courses are ongoing and open for registration.


Offer in-demand services to your patients after participating in our scientific, evidence-based integrative rehabilitation courses