No matter what kind of veterinary healthcare service you provide, nothing can replace the diagnostic and therapeutic insight you gain through the power found in informed palpation and skillful treatment of the myofascia. Rigorous research has shown that soft tissue therapy alleviates pain and discomfort, improves mood and mobility, normalizes immune function, benefits digestion, and more.

Medical Massage

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Medical Massage for Small Animals


Newest Course

Our Newest Course

Myofascial Relationships of Acupuncture Points in the Dog

This course enhances students’ awareness of the myofascial relationships of acupuncture points on the dog.  Students build clay models of deep and superficial muscles on CANIKEN®1 models and then identify acupuncture points based on specific locations.  We reinforce structure-function connections, linking the information gleaned by anatomical features with indications and actions associated with each acupuncture point.