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Three Ways to Jump Start Your Veterinary Career after COVID

Ready to get back to the grind of a busy, high-pressure career in corporate veterinary medicine? No? That’s wonderful! In this webinar, Narda G. Robinson, DO, DVM, MS, FAAMA, gives you her top three suggestions on ways to reinvent your career by bringing more love, kindness, creativity, and science-based integrative medicine into your work. Envision feeling sane and happy every day, where you make your own hours and form life-long bonds with patients and clients. We’ll talk about the steps involved and give examples showing how others have achieved both deep fulfillment and financial success.

Disclaimer: The information we provide is not intended to replace medical or veterinary consultation with your healthcare provider, and it is not intended as a recommendation if you or a family member are / is experiencing health problems, pain, or inflammation. While Dr. Robinson IS a licensed physician and veterinarian in the state of Colorado, she is not YOUR or your animal’s, respectively. Before anyone receives medical / veterinary care, one should have a diagnosis by a health provider. So, if you are not a veterinarian, veterinary nurse, or veterinary technician viewing this video for general learning purposes, please do not use this information instead of seeking professional assistance. This is not for self-diagnosis or self-treatment. Any approaches presented in this webinar series can harm as well as help, they are not a cure-all. CuraCore® VET and CuraCore® MED.



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