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6.17.2020 Fascia:  What’s Been Missing from Rehabilitation

Fascia. Yes, that’s right — the stuff your anatomy instructor told you to remove and discard. Turns out it was important, after all. Key to coordinated movement and the appropriate dissipation of forces, fascia develops as a continuous network, connecting your skin to your organs, vessels, muscles, nerves, and bones. Its fibroblasts repair, maintain, and regenerate tissue. Its innervation provides proprioception, nociception, and vascular regulation. This endlessly impressive organizer of whole body integration has been hiding in plain site all this time — like the recently discovered black hole that’s been “almost on our doorstep”. Stop ignoring what could be your best friend moving forward. Through this webinar, Narda G. Robinson, DO, DVM, MS, FAAMA awakens you to the ubiquity of fascia and its transformative potential. Thoughtful, integrative rehabilitation means so much more than exercise prescriptions.

Disclaimer: This webinar is for informational purposes only. The information we provide is not intended to replace medical or veterinary consultation with your healthcare provider, and it is not intended as a recommendation if you or a family member are / is experiencing health problems, pain, or inflammation. While Dr. Robinson IS a licensed physician and veterinarian in the state of Colorado, she is not YOUR or your animal’s, respectively. Before anyone receives medical / veterinary care, one should have a diagnosis by a health provider. So, if you are not a veterinarian, veterinary nurse, or veterinary technician viewing this video for general learning purposes, please do not use this information instead of seeking professional assistance. This is not for self-diagnosis or self-treatment. Any approaches presented in this webinar series can harm as well as help, they are not a cure-all. CuraCore® VET and CuraCore® MED.



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