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CuraCore Academy Talks Episode 6: Elbow Pain: Do Better.

Veterinarians: What makes elbow pain so difficult to treat successfully and long-term in our quadruped patients? Why do we only consider a handful of problems instead of the full gamut of potential differentials that actually exist? And, could we improve clinical outcomes by incorporating diagnostic and treatment strategies from Integrative Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine™? Discover the answers to these questions and more by watching this 30-minute instructional seminar on the complex causes of elbow pain and what we can do to “Do Better”.

You can also watch the episode on our YouTube channel here:


The acupuncture course at CuraCore will educate you on how to effectively employ integrative neuromodulation in a diversity of veterinary medical applications.


Our medical massage workshops teach you to boost the self-healing capacity of your patients by performing informed palpations that bring about effective results.



You will learn about photomedicine’s medical benefits that can lessen healing time for your patients. Our courses are ongoing and open for registration.



Integrative rehabilitation that advocates for non surgical methods as first-line approaches.