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CuraCore VET proudly presents MOVE: Integrative Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine (IRPM).  This program represents the culmination of years of course development and evolution, arriving at a state-of-the-art, innovative, and comprehensive learning experience.


Together, our lead instructors, Narda G. Robinson DO, DVM, MS, FAAMA and Deanna Rogers, PT, CCRP, CCFT, have decades of experience with both human and animal patients.  They have partnered their unique skillsets in science-based integrative medicine, osteopathic medical principles and practice, and physical therapy to create this certification program called “MOVE”.  


Whether you are a generalist or specialist, a veterinary student or practice owner, and brick-and-mortar or mobile, MOVE provides a sophisticated, intensive, and comprehensive education on Integrative rehabilitation and physical medicine modalities that strengthen the body, improve flexibility, restore homeostasis, and elevate quality of life. 
MOVE’s tripartite structure includes:
  • An extensive core curriculum, where you establish a firm foundation in the fundamentals of IRPM.
  • Home-based clinical preparation and practice, where you practice techniques at home or work and receive personal feedback from instructors.
  • A 40-hour internship at CuraCore Academy in Fort Collins, CO, where faculty supervise your work in small groups as you prepare for launching a rehabilitation service in your own practice or clinic.
Learn more about the course curriculum and certification requirements by downloading the MOVE brochure.  Contact us at or 970-818-0851.

Veterinarians and Technicians/Nurses: $9,750
Veterinary Students: $8,749

2022/2023 MOVE Integrative Rehabilitation & Physical Medicine is open for registration!
Class size is limited for an exceptional student experience.

LOCATION: Hybrid. Online and On-site Internship, NEXT MOVE Internship week is May 15-19, 2023, at CuraCore Academy, 4007 Automation Way, Fort Collins, CO 80525

Narda Robinson, DO, DVM, MS, FAAMA
Deanna Rogers, PT, CCRP, CCFT
For a full list of instructors, please visit our faculty page.


ALL technicians/nurses – you will need to download: Veterinary Technician/Nurse Employment Compliance Form to fill out and have ready to upload in the technician registration form.  For technicians who are not licensed, you will also need to upload a letter of recommendation by your supervising veterinarian as well.


Cancellation Policy
CuraCore® VET reserves the right to cancel the course or any clinical intensive(s), and to change the dates or venue of the intensive(s). A full refund will be given if the course is canceled. No refunds will be granted once you have started the course.



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