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RACE approval pending

MAV Master Class

Course Description

The monthly program consists of twelve 90-minute sessions, delivered live online (synchronous), along with recordings of the program (asynchronous) to follow.  Students will have access to the session’s recorded presentation, reference materials and assessments through online modules available for one month from the time of enrollment for each section.

Major Content Areas

  • Translational Anatomy of Acupuncture Points from the Human to the Canid, Presented in a Regional Format
  • Review of Neural, Vascular, Arthrodial, Fascial, and Muscular Interrelationships with Acupuncture Points along with Their Clinical Implications
  • Palpation Exercises on Oneself or a Partner
  • Best Practices Approaches Based on Anatomy and Published Scientific Literature
  • Multimodal Assessment and Treatment of Small Animals with Neurologic, Pain, Musculoskeletal, Internal Medical, and Cancer-Related Challenges, Incorporating Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques

Open to veterinarians and veterinary students who are currently enrolled or graduates of a veterinary acupuncture program.

$149 each

DATES: See the brochure for session information.
INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Narda Robinson and Guest MAV Faculty
PREREQUISITE: Certification via Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians or other acceptable acupuncture certification programs.

Cancellation Policy
CuraCore® VET reserves the right to cancel the course or any clinical intensive(s), and to change the dates or venue of the intensive(s). A full refund will be given if the course is canceled. No refunds will be granted once you have started the course.



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