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Medical Acupuncture for Veterinary Technicians

No magic, just science.  We’ll teach you how it works.

Are you veterinary technician wanting to improve your ability to explain to your clients different ways in which integrative medicine methods like acupuncture can be used to treat pain and facilitate recovery? Then this course is designed for you.

As a veterinary healthcare worker, you are in the perfect position to raise awareness concerning science-based, rational, and effective medical treatments that may help reduce the need for potentially harmful prescriptions and even surgery.

The goals of this online course are to educate veterinary technicians on the mechanisms of action, indications, technical aspects, and evidential support related to medical acupuncture. Please see our brochure for additional course details.


DATE: Open and Ongoing
INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Narda Robinson

Cancellation Policy
CuraCore® VET reserves the right to cancel the course or any clinical intensive(s), and to change the dates or venue of the intensive(s). A full refund will be given if the course is canceled. No refunds will be granted once you have started the course.



Veterinary botanical medicine provides numerous benefits. Our course teaches you how veterinary practitioners can use these botanical therapies in modern medicine.


Offer in-demand services to your patients after participating in our scientific, evidence-based integrative rehabilitation courses



Our medical massage workshops teach you to boost the self-healing capacity of your patients by performing informed palpations that bring about effective results.



You will learn about photomedicine’s medical benefits that can lesson healing time for your patients. Our courses are ongoing and open for registration.