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Surviving Veterinary Medicine™
Episode 8: Wait! Don’t Cut!

How many times do veterinary surgeons refer patients out for integrative medicine and rehabilitation instead of surgery? How many of them give you a complete and accurate comparison of the risks and benefits of surgical vs. non-surgical approaches? Maybe, not that often? Maybe, never? It’s up to you to learn the facts about medical acupuncture, photomedicine, massage, herbal therapies, and rehabilitation before something happens to your dog or cat so that you’re not left wondering if all that pain and suffering after a highly invasive and costly surgery might have been avoidable. Kicking yourself in the head hurts.
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The acupuncture course at CuraCore will educate you on how to effectively employ integrative neuromodulation in a diversity of veterinary medical applications.


Our medical massage workshops teach you to boost the self-healing capacity of your patients by performing informed palpations that bring about effective results.



You will learn about photomedicine’s medical benefits that can lessen healing time for your patients. Our courses are ongoing and open for registration.



Integrative rehabilitation that advocates for non surgical methods as first-line approaches.