In photomedicine, there are no injections or medications to swallow. Rather than relying on chemicals, this modality heals with light.  Treating with light-emitting diodes and laser therapy counters inflammation, improves blood flow, and reduces pain. Meta-analyses and systematic reviews reinforce the depth of scientific literature in support of light-based measures.   Best of all, photomedicine has a stronger safety record than drugs and surgery, making it an ideal options for a wide gamut of conditions.


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Photomedicine for Veterinarians


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Our Newest Course

Myofascial Relationships of Acupuncture Points in the Dog

This course enhances students’ awareness of the myofascial relationships of acupuncture points on the dog.  Students build clay models of deep and superficial muscles on CANIKEN®1 models and then identify acupuncture points based on specific locations.  We reinforce structure-function connections, linking the information gleaned by anatomical features with indications and actions associated with each acupuncture point.