Clear, Concise, and Exactly What I Needed

“I loved that this course didn’t try to sell me anything other than the education it presented. Clear, concise, and exactly what I needed to understand the equipment we just purchased. Without this course, I believe I would always hesitate to use our laser.” --...

Brilliant Mind!

“She (Dr. Robinson) is a brilliant mind. I needed more of her during my veterinary training. When I am looking for things that re-energize me, I visit CuraCore.” -- Botanical Medicine participant

Completely Changed The Trajectory of My Career

“CuraCore’s Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians has completely changed the trajectory of my career. When I graduated veterinary school in 2013, I was set on working as an ER vet. Within three years, I was burned out, depressed, and suffering from severe adrenal...

Don’t Think I Could Ever Go Back

“I left GP/equine sports medicine to open my own practice and find more balance in my life- the name of my practice even tries to reflect that. “Balanced Care Equine” because I wanted a balanced approach to managing equine athletes as well as finding a balanced...

Changed My Perspective on Medicine

“Thank you Dr. Robinson! Your course has really changed my perspective on medicine and how I approach everything, even for myself and my family.” -- A 2018 CuraCore graduate.


This course provided an in-depth education on medical massage and myofascial palpation. It was a great enhancement to the medical acupuncture for veterinarians that I took earlier this year. I will be able to put these skills to use immediately upon returning to my...

Highly Recommend!!!

This class was fantastic. I learned so much and it was extremely well organized. I highly recommend taking it! - Laura Stsoeker, DVM

Invaluable To My Work

The information and skill set gained during this course has been invaluable to my work. As a house-call integrative rehabilitation and palliative care practitioner, my patients and I will benefit tremendously. I completed the course five days ago and have implemented...

Detailed, Informative, and Practical

This course offered a detailed review of canine pelvic limb anatomy, detailed information specifically focusing on the canine stifle. There was a lot of research showing pros and cons of surgical repair of CCL tears and how medical management can be implemented in my...

Best Source of Continuing Education and Training

This has by far been the best source of continuing education and training for veterinary rehabilitation programs. The on-site course was very hands-on and I left with usable information that I could implement right away! - Jennifer McCartney, DVM