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Recorded Webinars:

Top 10 Toxic Herbs in Veterinary Medicine.

Learn How Risky Remedies Could Harm Your Patients before Finding Out Secondhand.

Picture this – a long-term client contacts your office in obvious emotional distress. She had applied an herbal solution to her dog’s skin for fleas as advised by the animal product “consultant” at the natural foods store and the dog became listless. What plant comes to mind and what, if anything, can you do to help?

Or – your “routine” dog spay just turned into life-threatening hemorrhage. After the fact, you find out that the patient had been taking a mixture for months that contains some of the most well known anticoagulant plants and herbs most likely to cause herb-drug interactions. What are they, and why didn’t you ask about supplements before anesthesia?

Oh – that new “holistic healer” your office manager insisted on hiring last month…the one that stocked your shelves full of bottles with Chinese writing on the label — he just received a complaint forwarded by the state veterinary board from a client whose says her dog was harmed by the products she purchased at your clinic. What should you have known about Chinese herbs six weeks ago?

Worried yet? Well, you should be. But you don’t have to remain in the dark. Be proactive and learn about the land mines that await those who choose to remain uninformed about pharmacologically active plants and their impact on our patients.

Registrants have access to the recorded webinar for one week.

The Physiologic Basis of Medical Acupuncture and Photomedicine for Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)

Join Dr. Narda Robinson for a recorded webinar on the pathophysiology of spinal cord injury and the rationale for treatment with medical acupuncture and photomedicine. The webinar will includes a 60 minute presentation.

During the webinar, Dr. Robinson discusses the sequences of events that take place within the spinal cord following acute mechanical injury.  The similarity in pathogeneses between humans and dogs affords important translational insights on the mechanisms of injury so that both species can benefit from research in this area.

Dr. Robinson reviews the primary and secondary phases of injury characteristic of traumatic SCI and illustrate how integrative medicine practitioners can pair approaches such as medical acupuncture and photomedicine to pathologic processes taking place in the cord.  This will encourage clinicians to approach SCI rationally and from an evidence-informed standpoint. Doing so has the potential to upgrade the standard of care for patients with SCI and improve outcomes by including integrative medical care early and regularly throughout the post-injury process.

Registrants will have access to the recorded webinar for 1 week.

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